Thermal Park Velké Losiny

What are 3 top interesting facts about the project?

The concept of the thermal park is based on the communion of men with nature which is why the park design is based on the idea of blending yin and yang substances (blending hot and cold) which manifests itself especially in the basic shape of the object but it is also apparent in the interior and wellness area. The organic shape of the object chimes in with the surrounding park and nature and the shape of the object is also defined by the use of winter and summer thermal pool in all seasons. It was challenging for the architect to situate the building harmoniously in the magnificent spa park and surroundings.

What are 3 top interesting facts about the work realization and structural–construction solution?

With respect to the aspect of connecting the construction with nature, the choice of material was clear. We have chosen natural materials in particular, especially wood and stone. The wooden roof is constructionally interesting thanks to the limiting usage of metallic elements. A technological curiosity of the object is the fact that it uses wholly reverse thermal energy from water for heating, hot water heating and air-conditioning. No other heat source is used in the object and it is not installed either. Thermal water is used in all pools of the whole object with original filtration without chlorine.

What are 3 top priorities from the future user/inhabitant/investor´s point of view? what will they appreciate most about your work? what will make them happy? what will be of benefit to them?

While creating the design, it was a challenge to connect the element of the curative spa principle of a thermal park with the possible amusement activities for the whole family. The object offers many attractions, such as 9 thermal pools, saunas (Finnish, salty, steam, aromatic and ice room), a big inner restaurant as well as an outdoor refreshment shop and many more. Thanks to the construction of the Thermal Park, the whole area of Velké Losiny has livened up and is a very popular destination visited by people from all over the country.